nacht_hirsch (nacht_hirsch) wrote in endeering,

Combat ready

Lexx during the rut, November, 2010 Lexx during the rut, November, 2010
Ready to confront any buck who wants to start something.

Lexx is probably the most mellow deer you could ever meet... most of the year. That changes in the fall with the arrival of the rutting season. After all the bucks have shed their velvet and have worked their antlers into tip-top shape for fighting, the overall mood in the herd changes. By then, all the mature bucks have put on weight and their necks are significantly distended, giving some bucks a "pinhead" appearance. Here Lexx has a really thick, heavy neck with a thick coat of heavier hair. The brown color all over his face is an oily deposit that stains the hair when he rubs his face over the scent glands on his legs. He picks up this material with his head and rubs it over as much of his body as he can reach. With the white area around his mouth he reminds me of Al Jolson made up in black-face in "The Jazz singer". Any time throughout the year, if you rub any mature buck between his antlers, your fingers will pick up a dark tarry material that's given off by the glands located there.
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'So sexy it hurts!'

Great picture, and info :o)
He looks good there, but this year I think he'll lay back and let the younger bucks go through the rut, he's made hi mark with fawns and some of the Does prefer him then the other bucks anyway, because they simply like him.